We’re officially into the year 2017 and we’re kicking off the month with a round up for mamas!

Were you drinking wine on New Years Eve? New Years Day? Christmas?

Every day? Ha!

Yeah, that’s me…

Don’t you judge!

I love my wine, which is how I’ve ended up with SO MANY WINE CORKS.

I tend to collect items that can be turned into crafts in the future. Things like glass jars (see DIY Kids Savings Jars and DIY Night Light Lanterns), bottle caps (check out the DIY Chore Chart tutorial), wine corks, broken picture frames, etc… And hey, they’ve all come in pretty handy!

I’ve been dying to use up these corks in some kind of USEFUL way, so of course I turn to Pinterest.

Have you ever searched for wine cork crafts on there?


Half of the search results are just products you can buy that people have made out of corks, not tutorials. And the other half are tutorials for things that left me…. well, speechless. But in my head I was thinking “Why the heck would I anyone ever need that?”

SO, I figured I’d be super helpful to all you makers out there and collect my favorite (actual tutorial) finds and ways to use those wine corks!

So many Wine Cork Craft Ideas

15 Wine Cork Craft Ideas

(that you’ll actually like enough to try)


Wine Cork Backsplash

from Create Craft Love

This is the first one that popped out at me, and I fell in love! I’d just love to do this once we buy our own house!


Wine Cork Tray

from Community Table (by Mariah from Staying Close to Home)

I’ll definitely need to make this for all those breakfast in bed mornings. 😉

No, seriously, my fiancé’s amazing…


Wine Cork Keychains

from the Kim Six Fix

Do you and your family enjoy spending summer days out on the lake? Or in the pool?

Have you ever lost your keys in the water?

Well, not anymore!


Wine Cork Cord Ties

from The Kim Six Fix (again!)

This is an AWESOME hack to help you organize random cords. Personally, I have a huge tote where all our extra cords and electronics gather. I think I’ve found where a majority of my wine corks will be going.


Wine Cork Monograms

(Huge *** Letters)

from the Suburban Mom

These are so pretty!

And the most popular wine cork product I seem to see all over Etsy.


Wine Cork Napkin Ring

from Socks and Mittens

These would be really cute housewarming or wedding gifts! Definitely unique.


Wine Cork Glass Charms

from Crafts Unleashed

Most of the crafts I found where cutting the cork was involved (cork earrings – what??) I thought were silly.

But these are SUPER cute, so I had to share!


Wine Cork Push Pins

from Crafts Unleashed (again!)

These are actually rather interesting and something I would have never thought to do!

You might find them pretty cute, too. Although, I’d like them even better without the feathers.


Wine Cork Photo Clips

from A Charming Project

This idea was cute so I had to include it. I’m wondering, though, with how lightweight a cork is…

how does it not topple over?


Wine Cork Keepsake

from Something Turquoise

A wedding keepsake from your first toast as husband and wife???

This is gorgeous and I’m totally doing it when James and I get officially hitched.


Wine Cork Magnets

from Inspire and Indulge

These look super easy to make and would probably be the PERFECT magnets for my kitchen.

How else will my guests know how much wine I drink? 😉


Wine Cork Candle Holder

from Two Twenty One

I saw this tutorial years ago and it’s still on my mind.

I’m pretty sure that means I should try to make it.


Wine Cork Bird House

from Praktic Ideas

Wow. Just wow.

The tutorial doesn’t have many pictures so you’ll have to use your imagination, but…

the finished product is truly one-of-a-kind.

Think we could use this one for a DIY Real Estate Business Card Holder?


Wine Cork Pin Cushions

from Alessia Scrap & Craft

Okay so this is the ONE link that isn’t an actual tutorial…

but I just had to share them, they were so cute!

Plus, they look pretty self-explanatory. You can paint the wine corks with acrylic paint in any design you want, then stick some pins in them when they dry!

Alessia did say she used a fine brush, I’m sure to get that amazing detail in there.


Wine Cork USB Flash Drive

from Snapguide

I love this idea. The only flash drive I have is plain, old, and ugly.

I’d be happy to give it a makeover.


Hopefully these tutorials include craft ideas you LIKE that will help you recycle those wine corks, instead of hoarding them away like me.

If you try any of these, let me know how it goes in the comments!


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6 Responses

  1. Elna | Twins Mommy


    I love your roundups of crafts. I’m not a great craft mama but I do like getting some ideas when I have some free time and not working on my blog biz!

    The magnet idea is cute and something I might try with the twins! Thanks!

    • Amanda

      I’m glad you like it! And trust me, I know what you mean about free time. lol
      If I make crafts, I have to plan it to the T ahead of time, or it just doesn’t happen!


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