As many of you may know, we just welcomed our second bundle of joy – K2 – last August. When I was pregnant, it felt like all of my friends were, too. I guess when you have something on your mind you see it everywhere, right?

Now Kristen’s sis-in-law is expecting TWINS! Whoooweee that’s going to be fun. They recently had a gender announcement party – a boy AND a girl! Oh em gee. I’m so excited for them.

So all this baby business got me thinking – what are the BEST ways to announce you’re pregnant? And by best, I mean the ones that have a clear meaning (not the ones you have to stare at awhile before you get it), totally not weird (have you ever googled pregnancy announcement? They get pretty scary), preferably making you laugh out loud, or at the very least bringing a smile to your face. Because babies bring happiness! Joy! Laughter! And poo, and crying, and sleep deprivation. But mostly joy and poo.

After perusing the interwebs for a while, I compiled a list of 32 pregnancy announcements that are sure to make you laugh! Or smile! Or at least smirk a bit.

32 Fun & Creative Ways to Announce You’re PREGNANT

Tell the Husband

The first and most important person you need to tell! I mean, hello. He helped make the little bean so it’s only right that he knows before everyone else, right?

When I found out I was pregnant, James was right there with me the second after I peed on the stick. But it would have been sooo much more fun had I surprised him with one of these creative ideas!


For the Coffee Drinker

(buy it on Etsy)

Just make sure they actually read the bottom. 😉


If Family Photos are Coming Up

Double whammy! Tell your husband AND your family the same way.

(source Paisely Layne Photography)

Kudos to this lady because I could never wait long enough for pictures! Seriously, James is my best friend. We tell each other everything – the secret would get out.


Easter baby!

(source Pregnant Chicken)

With Easter happening this weekend, I just had to throw in an Easter themed announcement.

Super simple to put together and hey, that’s my birthday!


For the Candy Lover

(buy it on Etsy)

Not only will these announce the big news to hubby, but you can help him eat them!


Chinese Takeout Night

You can actually personalize your own on Fortune Cookie Planet!


For the Starbucks Lover

(source Events by Elisa)

Omgggg this would have been perfect for us! I wouldn’t have gotten everyone one, but James is totally addicted to Starbucks. It would’ve been fun watching to see if he’d notice the name.

Perfect for the first time Father! Although if I did this in the future, maybe I could write “Daddy Again” or the blatant “We’re pregnant…again.”


Sh*t Just Got Real

(buy it on Etsy)

HAHA best used for first time Dads but could totally be used for subsequent pregnancies.


DIY Book

At first I thought this mom-to-be made a greeting card that she sent overseas to her husband (which would be a really cool idea also if you find out the happy news right after they deploy). But she actually made a board book with pictures of them together. When he got to the end, guess what it said –

(source A SoCal Story)

So. Freakin’. Cute.


For Moms Who Love to Scrap


This would be super easy to put together if you’re like me and have an extra frame and scrapbook stickers lying around.


Tell the Family

Once you tell the husband, your family comes next. Whether you wait until after the first trimester, or announce it right away, any and all of these ideas would be tons of fun to put together.

For the Pet Parents

(source Reddit)

How cute is this?? Your pup ain’t the only baby anymore.


For the Ones with Kids

(Elena S Blair Photography)

Elena is a superb photographer and I just can’t get over how sweet this pregnancy announcement is!


Yay! Twins!

(original source unknown)

 One of the cutest twins announcement I’ve seen so far.


Eviction Notice

(source Happy Home Fairy)

I’ve seen these eviction notice announcements all over and they are just too funny!


Maybe You’re a Doctor

(source Hanna Mac Photography)

What an adorable baby doctor.


Sidewalk Chalk

(source Pregnant Chicken)

Chalk Chalk Chalk Chalkchalk Chalk Chalk Chalk Chalkchalk (sing it like the song “shots”).

Too much?


For the Book Lovers

(source Pregnant Chicken)

Love love love this idea. If you know anything about us, you know we’re obsessed with reading. You could deliver this stack of baby books to your husband to announce he’s going to be a Dad and then reuse it for a pregnancy announcement photo shoot.


When You Have a Huge Family

(source Bored Panda)

Totally not knocking the families with 4+ kids, but I’m sure it’s hard to get everyone into one good picture. This one’s pretty clever.


One of the Bad Ones

(source unknown – please someone enlighten me!)

Oh. My gosh. I would not recommend this one, but it definitely cracked me up.

The creature? The CREATURE?!


Sweet and Simple

(source @MyDesignLove)

Simple. Sweet. Easy to put together.



The Little Things

(source Double the Batch)

This is by far my favorite “little things” pregnancy announcement. Everyone does the shoes – but bikes? So adorable.


Chalkboard Pictures

(source Notes from Dionne)

This is just too cute! Seriously! And I honestly thought the backgrounds were photo edits, but no. They drew all that.

Definitely check out her blog because there are even more adorable pictures like this one you’re sure to love!


Bringin’ Back the 80s

(source Look@MyBaby)

I don’t know about you, but I was a big fan of the Back to the Future series. This really made me laugh.


When You’re Having Multiples

(source Huffington Post)

Surprise! Times… 4???

These parents’ shocked faces make the announcements even more fun!


After Battling Infertility

(via @tculver)

This amazing mom went through it all to finally make her dreams come true! Five years is a long time to keep trying but that little blessing I’m sure was well worth the wait!


 Hot Dawg, Baby!

(source unknown – any idea where it’s from??)

At the risk of sounding a bit immature, this one had me laughing out loud.


Happy Happy Joy Joy

(source – also Pregnant Chicken)

I just LOVE her enthusiasm!


Tell Your Work

How else are you supposed to announce exciting things at work except with FOOD?

Because memos are boring.


(source School Counselor Blog)

Mmm donuts.


CinnaBUN in the Oven


Cinnabon cereal is great, but if you want to step it up a notch go for the real deal. 😉


If Your Work Has a Sense of Humor


These cookies are hilarious, but be careful office staff won’t freak out.

You don’t want to end up in HR.


Tell the World

Told the husband? Check. The family? Yep. What’s next?

How about everyone else?

Guess What?

(source Love LuluBell)

Walk around in this even before you’re showing and make it known.


Stay Calm – No.

(buy it on Etsy)

Ha! Nope, can’t keep calm.

No matter how many babies you carry, by the end people are always asking if you’re having twins. Stop them from asking with this shirt.


Be Like Beyoncé

Or if you wanna get a little crazy, announce it like Beyoncé.

No, I don’t mean her most recent pregnancy announcement. That one was…


But the one announcement that has topped all others I’ve seen – EVER – was

(source Celebs Now)

Relive the moment on PopSugar.


 32 Fun & Creative Pregnancy Announcements

Hope these help get your creative juices flowing, mama! Recreate one of these ideas, or come up with your own. Whatever makes you laugh. 😉

If you have any fun, creative, or just plain FUNNY pregnancy announcement experiences I would LOVE to read them in the comments!


PS: Now that you’re ready to announce it, peruse our list of 1000+ Baby Names You’ll Actually WANT to Use!


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  1. Lexie @

    These are too cute! I didn’t come up with a good way to tell my husband before it just came out…in him being crabby at me. haha. We told our friends and family at our housewarming party. It was so nice that we planned to have everyone in the same place all at once. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing on #fandayfriday

    • Amanda

      Awe I love that. Having everyone you care about in the same place. What a perfect time to share the news!


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