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Are you a mama who loves decorating her kids rooms or nurseries?

Rachelle is, too.

She found out she had quite the knack for decorating the rooms of her three little ones. She was so keen on it, in fact, that she started doing it for a living! Only, instead of selling kids décor in a brick and mortar store, she’s started hers online.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?


Peach Stream.

 Peach Stream is a beautiful online boutique-style shop where you can find fabulous children’s décor.

Rachelle does all the “heavy lifting” for you by finding all of the cutest, most desirable baby and kids décor from all over—businesses big and small—and brings it together in one shop.

“I noticed that it was difficult to find all the really fun décor that’s out there for kids. There are some wonderful curated boutiques out there, but their things are very specialized. There are industry giants that have a very specific look/style and there are lots of bigger retailers with small kids décor sections. Sometimes you can find the perfect thing from someone who specializes in just lighting, or just mobiles or art etc. It’s a lot of work to pull it all together and it’s easy to miss something perfect because you just didn’t know it was there.” – Rachelle


Peach Stream: This Week's Featured Shop

How She Got Started

Before tackling virtual retail, Rachelle had a long and happy career in the Human Resources industry. Once she realized her passion for designing nurseries, playrooms, kids corners, and the like, it didn’t take long for her to kiss that career good-bye!

“It’s such fun to create space for your child! You just love them so much and want them to be surrounded by fun and beauty and pieces that reflect their little personalities.” -Rachelle

After determining her passion, she did a lot of research. She knew she wanted to bring the best of the best in décor into one cohesive space, but she had to have contributors in order to do so. And because of the growing popularity of online marketplaces, Rachelle knew these kind of “virtual boutiques” are what parents are really into! So, Rachelle spent countless hours contacting many wonderful makers and artists of all sizes, looking for those who would allow her to sell their wonderful wares in her online shop.

“I’m slowly working on building an inventory [as well as] fostering a community of design-loving parents to join me. It’s a lot of work, but I’m loving every minute of it.” – Rachelle

Peach Stream: This Week's Featured Shop

A Virtual Boutique

Rachelle knew that an online store instead of a physical one was definitely the way to go.

“…because who wants to shlep kids to a boutique and convince them not to break all those knick knacks? And it had always been a dream of mine to open a shop, though I never considered the online angle until I had kids and learned to see the value in couch shopping.” -Rachelle

Couch shopping is definitely our favorite here at Kandy Apple Mama!

Rachelle does, however, share the struggle of not having a brick-and-mortar store.

“People can’t see what I sell, they can’t touch it, and it’s hard to envision it in their homes. We are spending a lot of time and effort on the photography and product styling required to help people see how our pieces can fit with their vision and help them to create the perfect place for their little ones. We want to inspire and connect and the best way to do that is through beautiful photos!” -Rachelle

They certainly are doing a fantastic job with those photos. I just love this holiday shoot.

Peach Stream: This Week's Featured Shop

Working From Home

Rachelle and her husband run the entire Peach Stream company from home. “Home is headquarters!” as she says.

While Rachelle is the #momboss, her husband—who has a business and marketing background—has been especially valuable in helping her with Peach Stream. She says her sister is a technical guru as well, which also helps a lot.

She plans on expanding eventually, as they’ll need more inventory space. But for now, “home is where the magic happens.”



Want to connect with Rachelle?

Check her out on Instagram here!


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