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Woman with a plan

Get Organized: Be a Wo(MAN) with a PLAN!

As a full-time student, employee and mom who also runs a small business, homeschools full time, volunteers and juggle about a dozen other things on a daily basis... I'm a busy mama! I know, I sound crazy! I...

How to Save for College as a Single Mother

Being a single mother presents so many extra issues when it comes down to raising a child.  There’s no extra person there to pick your child up from school, no one to help you discipline them, and there’s also no one there to split the cost of higher education...

20 Weird but Genius Products For Busy Mamas Like You

Sometimes while perusing the online shelves of Amazon, I'll come across something that looks so ridiculous I have no idea why people would purchase it. That is, until I read the reviews. Many of those crazy products are actually really useful to busy mamas...
Building confidence

Building Confidence after Divorce

Going through a divorce can really put your self-esteem through a loop. Whether you wanted the divorce or not, either way you'll be battling some pretty confusing emotions. You might be wondering why you weren't good enough, or if anyone will ever love you aga...