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Starting a craft business?
Running a blog?
Learn everything from setting up shop to automating business practices.

11 Time-Saving Tips on Balancing Babies and Business

 Working from home is no easy feat. If you’ve ever tried to juggle growing a business while taking care of a baby then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Someone, somewhere, told us we could have it all, ...

Filing Taxes | A Guide to Filing Your Tax Return

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin We know that filing your yearly tax return is one thing most Americans dread each year as April deadlines approach. But we also know that “Uncle Sam” isn’t the kind...

How to Land Your Dream Job in 7 Simple Steps

Landing Your Dream Job Step 1: Identify your Dream Job Talk to me, Mamas. Are you currently living your dream? Are you working for your dream company or pursuing your dream career? If you're reading this ...
How to Set Up an Etsy Shop

An EPIC Guide + Tutorial on How to Start an Etsy Shop

Get ready. Because this is going to be one doozy of a post on how to start an Etsy shop. I even had to take away the side bar so all the information would fit better! Running your own creative business can be ...

The Ultimate 2017 FREE Printable Planner for Bloggers

As a mother of 2 and a work-at-home-mom who not only runs a household but also a blog and an Etsy business, I am a very busy woman---just like you! To keep my day (and life) in line, lists are a necessity. Whi...
Business Card Holder DIY

Get Noticed: DIY Real Estate Business Card Holder

Whether you have business cards set out in your store, in a friend's business, or at a craft fair, the most eye catching part can be the piece many people overlook---the business card holder, itself. My fiancé...