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Balancing home, health and happiness.
From building a business and managing finances,
to DIY projects and taking care of your health and home.

Nobody Truly Interesting is Universally Liked

People say to not pay attention to the negative out there, especially on social media, but it’s hard. "F*ck the haters!" they say, "No one can judge me but God!" But I have a different response. People ju...
Do NOT post these 10 things to social media.

10 Things You Should NOT Post on Social Media

There’s a certain unspoken etiquette to social media (Facebook!) that some folks just don’t get. Even though I feel like these things are common sense, it's obvious many people don't get it. So let me spell it out for you. What Not To Post On Facebook #1...

Did You Know One Hour Alcohol Delivery Exists?!

The craziest thing happened to me earlier this week. I was in a team meeting, and we got slightly off-topic discussing our weekends. Us getting off-topic is not the unusual part - this is: my boss mentioned...

Amazon Just Announced a Discounted Prime Membership!

Amazon recently announced a discounted Prime membership for moms and families receiving government assistance. (Read the full press release.) This is huge. For years their $99 Prime Membership cost kept lower income families away from signing up and ta...