The Importance of Reading + How to Raise a Reader

Why it Matters

Do you like to read? We sure do! It’s one of our favorite guilty pleasures, as mamas. We don’t always get the time to ourselves to read a good book, but when we do, it’s magic.

Even if you don’t really enjoy reading yourself, there’s no denying how important reading is in our society. From grade school to successful adult, reading is a part of your entire life. So of course you need to know how to read! It can’t be understated – learning to read is vital for your child to become an intelligent, creative, and successful person.

Reading exercises the brain, increases a child’s concentration, and improves a child’s vocabulary, communication, and language skills! Plus, books teach valuable lessons. Children can learn about history, science, morals and values, and the world in which they live. Reading can teach your children empathy. They’re given the unique opportunity to step inside someone else’s story (literally). All from just cracking open a little book!

K1 dressed up like Princess Leia!

The importance of reading doesn’t stop with raising a smarter child. Stories inspire creativity and a broadened imagination. They bring lands, characters, and plot lines to life that your child wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Reading to and with your children sets them up for successful futures! They’ll develop critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem-solving skills. Regular reading advances children beyond their school level, enriches their vocabularies, and expands their thought process.

Yes – reading to your children can help them develop into a better generation.

Set an Example

Remember that “do what I say, not what I do” crap you used to hear growing up? The fact is, your precious little one’s eyes are watching you, much more than their ears are listening! (It’s the truth!) So set a good example.

You have to set the standard and the tone on this – the importance of reading is undeniable! Take just a second to really let it soak in.

Reading. Is. Important.

We need you to fully believe that in order to better support your child’s reading development.

It’s not only important for them, but for you too! Reading a new book can help your cognitive function, as well. All of the language, communication, critical thinking, and logic-building skills that your little reader will develop, you can continue building, too.

It’s like we always say – learning is for everyone! Never stop learning, mama.

Plus, the more your son or daughter sees you reading, the more he or she will want to read, as well! We are their role models, you know! 🙂

Amanda: I’m an avid reader myself. I often talk to Krista about when I was growing up, how every day after school I’d visit the library to get a new book. From the time I was 5 to when I was 15, it was my favorite pasttime (even before drawing!). To this day I try to make time for it (although with raising two kids and blogging every spare minute, it can get pretty difficult!). I know K1 (and even K2) are paying attention when they see me engrossed in a good story.

Reading Together

Make reading fun! Encourage your little to read like it’s going out of style!

Instead of saying “You have to read now;” opt for “Yay! It’s reading time.” When we frame it as something exciting and expected, there will be less whining or resistance.

Set aside time for everyone to read on their own. If it becomes a common practice, kids will come to expect it and enjoy it.

Of course, reading is not only for alone-time. Take time to read to them, too! Alternate between reading-alone time, and reading together. Try designating certain times in the evening closer to bedtime, when you can share “Mommy-daughter” or “Mother and son” time by reading together.

Oh, and take turns reading! We obviously want our kids to learn how to read on their own. Independent reading is very important and definitely has its place. But don’t let it completely substitute reading aloud to your child (no matter how old they are!!) It’s easier for children to comprehend stories and acquire more vocabulary words when you’re the one reading.

No matter how you make time to read together, your kids are guaranteed to love it, and we know you will too!

Make it a Lifestyle

Kristen: At our house, books are all over the place. They’re in the bathroom, the dining room, the car, the living room, K1’s bedroom, and the study. We incorporate reading into our everyday lives as much as possible! If K1 gets good marks at school and obeys at home, she gets a new book at the end of the week. This helps us successfully frame books as “rewards” in our home, and it can help you too!

Our two households also did a 25 Days of Christmas Books advent calendar this year. K1 received a Christmas or winter-themed book each of the first 25 days of December. She was excited to open her present each day – not just because it was a present, but also because she knew the gift contained a new story!

Our kiddo, like many of yours I’m sure, is required to read 15 minutes per night for school “homework”, but she always ends up reading way more than that! She LOVES reading.

When you give your children fun books and make them available everywhere, it’s no longer a chore – it’s just a way of life! 

Don't just make reading an activity, make it a lifestyle. Click To Tweet

Stress to your child the importance of reading, but also the fun of it!

You’ll be surprised how less often you hear your child say “I’m bored” because they’ve now discovered adventures in literature!

Why Usborne Books?

Kristen: So, why Usborne books? That’s a great question. You see, I discovered Usborne Books about 6 months ago, and I COMPLETELY fell in love. This company just gets it. Their books are top-notch, cream of the crop – the lasting quality, the story lines, the variety of options. They’re everything you could ask for in children’s books! Keep in mind that I taught in preschools throughout my college years and have also tutored students of all ages for 7 years! This is a recommendation from someone with a lot of teaching experience.

Usborne has books for all ages from newborns through high school, nonfiction as well as fiction, from encyclopedias to activity books.

One of our absolute favorite collections is the Shine-A-Light series. Kristen owns 3 of them! If you shine a flashlight through the page, a hidden image appears, and you learn even more!

How cool is that?!

Usborne has books on coding, history, science experiments, mermaids… They tell stories about diggers, bugs, and dinosaurs. They offer encyclopedias and online resources for research!

There are also books to help your children learn new languages, as well as wipe-clean books to teach them how to write, count, and tell time! There are Bible stories, nursery rhymes, and the cutest seasonal collections for any holiday.

Every other mama we come in contact with who has heard of Usborne, is absolutely in love with what they offer. (We’re not kidding!) Just the other day, Amanda’s aunt, whose children are all grown and have left home, told her that she’s loved Usborne from the time her kids were small.

That’s how awesome these books are, mama!

They last you a lifetime. Not only by staying in tact over the years, but in the everlasting memories you’ll make with your child by reading them together!


How can you get your hands on Usborne??

Because reading is so important when it comes to education (something Kandy Apple Mama fully supports) we thought it imperative that we find a way to provide wonderful mothers like yourself with these amazing books. So, we’ve partnered with the company to offer you the chance at purchasing them, yourself!

If you click the button above, you’ll be able to peruse our book store and pick out some stories for your littles.

Personally, we have SO many favorites! Kristen is especially gifted at helping families find new books for their children, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help narrowing it down!


Earn FREE Books!

Want to know how to earn FREE Usborne books?

Hosting a Party

If you decide that there are just too many books on your wish list and can’t possibly afford them all, you can always host a party!

You can sign up to host a completely online Facebook party – all you have to do is throw on some pajamas and invite your friends! Party hosts receive free and half price books as rewards – can you imagine?!

Hosting a party doesn’t cost a thing, gives you an excuse to catch up with old friends, and you get FREE, fun books for your kiddo! What better way to start this new journey of reframing reading as an adventure instead of a chore and a bore?

For more info on hosting, fill out the form below, or visit the Host page here.

Joining as a Consultant

Another way you can earn free and reduced price Usborne books is by signing up to be a consultant, yourself! By joining our Usborne team, you can order books for your own kids at our cost – a 25% discount! You can also earn money by selling books to others, and earning that 25% for you and your family!

For more information on joining our Usborne books team, contact Kristen through the form below, or visit our Join Usborne page here.


Here at Kandy Apple Mama, we love to read, and we hope you do (or will!) too! Even if it’s not your favorite guilty pleasure like it is ours, you can still use Usborne books to instill a love of reading in your children. This will not only help them throughout grade school, but also in college, in a career, and throughout their adult lives! Set your kids up for success by making learning fun, and treating books like a reward.

Even if you aren’t fully convinced Usborne is the best, (we know it is, lol!) taking your littles to the library is always a fantastic second choice.

And remember, if you need any help getting your kids to love reading like ours do, give us a shout! We’re here for you, mama!

Happy Reading!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Usborne books better than other book stores?

Not only are the materials Usborne uses higher quality and therefore more durable, but the stories and book contents are unique as well. New fiction stories, old stories renewed, and even non-fiction options are available. Check out the books for yourself by perusing our online storefront here, or by hosting a Facebook party with us!

If I host a party, do I have to buy something?

Nope! Purchasing items yourself is not required. But if your party guests end up making purchases themselves, you as the host have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars worth of free books for your little one!

Do I have to make a minimum purchase?

Absolutely not! When purchasing from Usborne books, there is no minimum purchase amount.

That being said, sometimes a party consultant will offer free or reduced price shipping rewards as a party raffle prize. To use these prizes, they often require a minimum purchase amount. This is something you’ll have to talk to your party host or Usborne consultant about.

Does Usborne only sell books?

Actually, no! (Hence the “Usborne Books and More” company name.) Usborne also offers coloring books and activity packs, flash cards, games and puzzles, “learning palettes“, stickers, and more! Check out all they have to offer here.

Does signing up make me a “distributor”?

Depends on what you mean by “signing up”. Signing up to be a host does not mean you are a distributor. It means you’re hosting a party to share Usborne products with your friends and family!

Signing up as a consultant for Usborne would make you a distributor, which would allow you to earn 25% of sales. And what’s even cooler about being a consultant, is that you don’t have to have an inventory to sell product! Welcome to the digital age of online retail, mama!

What do Usborne distributors earn?

Not only do Usborne consultants earn on average 25% per sale, but there are other opportunities as well. Free books for your family, luxury vacations, exciting awards through monthly Home Office Challenges, national recognition, access to Usborne Books & More endorsed health and life insurance programs…

PLUS, you get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging a love of reading, friendships, personal growth and development, plus so much MORE!

If I’m a distributor do I have to make a minimum purchase each month?

No! This business is flexible and family-friendly. There are NO monthly quotas you have to reach. You’re free to work your business at your own pace! Of course, Usborne Books & More does offer additional bonuses and awards each month with minimum sales, but it’s certainly not a requirement!