Are you a busy mama often scrambling to organize the thoughts in your head and a to-do list a mile long? You and me, both! One of the only ways I feel on top of my life and the many things I have to do is to get it all down on paper. But that habit has left me with random lists laid all over the house – probably as unorganized as you can get.

List making alone gave me momentary relief, but the next day I would feel overwhelmed again. It makes me think of that quote “Stop the glorification of busy.” Um – glorification?? Who is glorifying this constant feeling of overwhelming chaos?? Not me! That’s just how my life works now that I have kids! Chances are, you often feel the same way. It’s probably why you’re reading this post.

>> Introducing: The Busy Mama Coloring Planner <<

Once I realized how unorganized I had become and how my disorganization led to feelings of anxiety and chaos, I decided it was time I did something about it. I’ve always loved planners, but I never found one that I truly loved and just had to have. Considering how much I love creative projects, it’s no surprise I started creating one myself!

Why You Need The Busy Mama Coloring Planner & Organizer

  • Keep track of you and your family’s important information.
  • Stay on top of important dates, gifts, and goals!
  • Monthly, plus weekly or daily calendar pages give you freedom to plan the way you like.
  • Relax and de-stress by coloring through each page, plus all the additional coloring pages throughout.
  • Choose whether you want the remainder of year 2017, the school year 2017-2018, or the calendar year 2018.
  • Pick between spiral binding and a 3-ring binder to hold your pages together. (The spiral binding comes with a plastic cover to protect your planner, while choosing the 3-ring binder allows you to add in or take out pages as you please.)

With the Busy Mama Coloring Planner, all of your thoughts are collected in one place. You can keep track of everything – from family schedules to bill due dates, from medical info to weekly to-do lists. The Busy Mama Planner has room for getting all your thoughts down on paper in a neat, organized way. Plus, you get to choose the colors! There are coloring pages and doodles throughout the entire Busy Mama Coloring Planner, and you’ll get to decide what colors go where and relieve stress while you’re at it! 😉

Every planner comes with monthly 2-page spread calendars, contact information pages, coloring pages, note pages, and lots of extra goodies (check out the video above for more), but there are a few things you get to customize.

Choose Your Binding

Do you love the professional look of a spiral bound planner? Choose our spiral bound option that comes with a clear plastic cover on the front and thick cardstock backing to keep your planner safe.

Or perhaps you favor a customizable planner you can add pages to in the future? You’ll want our 3-ring binder option. You can add pages, take ones out, and rearrange all you want!


Choose Your Calendars

Every Busy Mama Planner comes with monthly calendars, with each month spread across 2 pages. You’ll also need to choose whether you prefer an additional weekly calendar, where each week is spread across 2 pages, or a daily calendar, where each day has its own page (except the weekend). Both weekly and daily calendar options come with grocery lists about every 2 weeks.

Choose Your Year

You’ll also need to choose which year you want your planner to include! Currently, we offer 3 options:

  • August – December 2017 ($20-25)
  • August 2017 – August 2018 ($40-45)
  • January – December 2018 ($40-45)

Prices depend on the calendar you choose, as well as the year. Daily calendars are $5 more. 2017 only planners are always 50% off!

Find YOUR Busy Mama Coloring Planner & Organizer in the Kandy Apple Mama Shop.

What About Planner Stickers?

For those of you (like me!) who love stickers – there are also planner stickers available to pre-order as well! Each sticker set has an assortment of hand-drawn stickers designed specifically to fit your Busy Mama Coloring Planner. Check them out in the shop as well!


Use the coupon code STICKRADDICT40 to get 40% off all planner stickers when you purchase a planner!


Want to Try it Out for FREE?

Ready to try out the Busy Mama Planner but not sure you want to commit just yet?

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The Busy Mama Coloring Planner (Lite) is an excellent FREE resource for women and mothers who want to get organized while staying creative at the same time. The monthly calendars included stretch from August to December (2017) to help you finish out the year with a bang! It also includes a monthly budget, a page for goals, and several other pages to help get you on the right track!

Check out the video below to see all that is included.


Plus, if you sign up for the Kandy Apple Mama newsletters, you’ll ALSO receive extra special bonus gifts! 😉 But I’m not telling what they are! You’ll just have to wait and see. (*wink*wink*)


What are you waiting for?

Get busy, Mama!

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