This Week’s Featured Shop: Mother, Me & I

This Week’s Featured Shop

Starting this month, the month of December, Kandy Apple Mama will be featuring a creative business every couple weeks, in support of all the women and mamas who run growing businesses from home. And this week, I’m excited to share with you the shop ran by my dear friend Courtney called Mother, Me & I.

Courtney of Mother, Me & I

My Dear Friend

Courtney is an amazing woman.

She has the ability to take something unpleasant in life and make it magical. She’s been hit with more hardship than anyone I know. But with the heart of a Disney-fiend, a motherly disposition, and a knack for making anyone laugh, she doesn’t let the negative in life take her down. She’s making her way in the world by running her very own creative business from the comfort of her own home.

Now keep in mind, running a business is no easy feat. And saying “from the comfort of” is a little misleading. There are days when she has to churn out 100+ orders all on her own. And just like any other business, there are customers you must deal with that—dare I say it—make you doubt yourself—or their sanity. Happily, though, after 4 solid years of hard work, Courtney now makes a full time income from her business.

Mother, Me & I

Mother, Me & I

The craft business Mother, Me & I started way back when Courtney was a little girl. Her mother and grandmother would make crafts to sell at craft shows, bringing her along once she was old enough. They’d make everything from birdhouses to tree skirts and other seasonal items. Courtney helped them ring up sales, bag items, and even convinced them to change their business name from Mother & Me to Mother, Me, & I. She often dreamed of one day creating her own handmade items to sell along with them.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Her mother passed away when she was still young, and her grandmother quit the craft business soon after. Courtney’s grandmother has since passed, too, but in loving memory, she’s created her own craft shop to keep their legacy alive. She’s even named her shop after the family’s business.

Established in 2012, the Etsy shop Mother, Me & I has already made over 4500 sales (and climbing!). And that number doesn’t even take into account all the other products she sells in person at craft shows, or to friends and family.

Here are just a small sample of what she can make:

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While her products primarily consist of Yeti cup decals, she also creates personalized shirts and baby onesies, wooden signs, and other miscellaneous items. She even donated a “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” t-shirt and a personalized burlap clutch to our Thanksgiving giveaway.


If you visit Mother, Me & I’s Facebook page, you’ll see even more products available.

Other Side Hustles

Not only does Courtney run a successful Etsy shop, but she also has a very successful side hustle called Courtney’s Wine and Sign.

Courtney’s Wine & Sign

Much like the “Painting with a Twist”, or “Paint and Sip” business models, Courtney’s Wine & Sign allows for you to get creative while sipping Pinot Noir (or whatever wine you prefer). However, just like her craft business, Courtney let’s you paint and drink at home. (What???) And she comes to you.

Which means you really don’t have to hold back on that bottle. (Girls night!) Of course, we want you to still drink responsibly. But not having to worry about driving home after is a major plus.

Another plus is the fact that—as Courtney puts it—you don’t have to be creative to make a beautiful sign.


When booking a party, Courtney gives the host and her guests a chance to pick whatever stencil design they’d like to paint on their wooden sign. She creates the stencils out of vinyl and brings all the materials you need to the party.

Once everyone arrives and gets set up, she gives step by step instructions on how to paint your signs. All the while, you’re sipping on a glass of Cabernet.

And everyone ends up with a sign like this!

Courtney's Wine & Sign

I’d say Courtney’s done pretty well for herself, don’t you?


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