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7 Days to Becoming a More Thoughtful Partner

Do you struggle to convey just how in love you are? Are you insecure because thoughtful actions seem to come so naturally to your partner but not to you? Are you guilt ridden because you're forgetful? Have you ever been told, "I wish you were more thoughtful?"...
cootie catchers

Learning Sight Words with a Cootie Catcher

SCI-SS-ORS. She has the chant, the moves, and the claps down. My 7-year-old has successfully mastered the spelling of a word as complicated as scissors simply by turning it into a cheer. Merely memorizing spel...
The Human Body

Simple and Fun Ways to Learn About the Human Body

Happy Science Saturday, mama! In honor of the last Science Saturday in our long list of sneaky mom tricks to make your kids love learning - we're exploring the human body. Did you ever sing “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to your little ones? I rememb...

Crafting with Kids: DIY Tie-Dye Everything!

Today we're sharing something different than our usual educational game post. Have you been keeping up with Beyond the Classroom? I just love all the fun new games and activities we've been coming up with to ...