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How to Keep Calm While Wedding Planning, As Told By Clichés

Are you overwhelmed by wedding planning? Or are you crazy like me and overwhelmed at the thought of potentially one day becoming overwhelmed by wedding planning? There's so much to think about: destination or local, invitations, showers, registries, travel ...
Tell My Mother-in-law

20 Things I Wish I Could Tell my Mother-In-Law

Did you read about the most offensive thing my mother-in-law ever said? Other women have had worse for sure. I'm blessed to have a pretty awesome mother-in-law, so our disagreements are few and far between...

Divorce & Custody: Dads Matter, Too

These days, custody battles can be brutal. Lawyers are determined to come out on top and will keep you fighting as long as possible, but it's nearly impossible to navigate the "justice" system without them. The good news is that times are changing as far as cu...

Lessons Learned When I Embraced my Role as Second Wife

Coming into my role as a second wife to the love of my life was no easy feat. It's as if everywhere I turned there was another reminder of his former life, of the woman he loved before me. It was inescapable, perpetual torture. I wanted to surprise his mom...
Become a more thoughtful partner today!

7 Days to Becoming a More Thoughtful Partner

Do you struggle to convey just how in love you are? Are you insecure because thoughtful actions seem to come so naturally to your partner but not to you? Are you guilt ridden because you're forgetful? Have you ...