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How to Land Your Dream Job in 7 Simple Steps

Landing Your Dream Job Step 1: Identify your Dream Job Talk to me, Mamas. Are you currently living your dream? Are you working for your dream company or pursuing your dream career? If you're reading this ...

An Ultimate Guide to the College Application Process

Whether you're stoked to finish high school, completely terrified of applying to college, or eager to get back in the educational ballgame, applying for college is a lengthy, intimidating process. I've broken said process down into manageable chunks for you,...
How to Raise a Reader + the Importance of Reading

How to Raise a Reader – with FREE Books!

 Why Reading Matters Do you like to read? We sure do! It's one of our favorite guilty pleasures, as mamas. We don't always get the time to ourselves to read a good book, but when we do, it's magic. Even if ...

Teaching Kids How to Save: DIY Kids Savings Jars

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read our disclosure page. Thanks for your support! I always thought it was strange how public school didn't teach more "life skills". Things like buying insurance, saving money, how to contro...

Unique Advent Calendar: 25 Days of Christmas Reading

It's December! Which means it's now acceptable to focus on Christmas and Holiday-related EVERYTHING! We started the month off right by decorating for the holidays. Tree, snowmen, glittery pine cones---the work...