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Teach Kids to Garden and Where Food Comes From

Where Does Food Come From? | Teaching Kids To Garden

Are you a mama with little ones who are completely oblivious to where fruits and vegetables really come from? Do they think the stores just magically put them all on their shelves? Or just not care enough to ...
Ad Libs Parts of Speech

Reading & Writing | Learn Parts of Speech with Ad Libs!

Happy hump day, Mamas! It's Reading & Writing Wednesday here at Kandy Apple Mama, and we're so excited! We wholeheartedly believe in leaving our world a better place than we found it, and part of that mission involves raising smarter, more respectful, an...

Subtraction Game | Have Fun Learning by… Bowling!

 Welcome to our first Math Monday, Mama! Are you SO over the boring flashcard and minute worksheet routine to teach your little one how to subtract? I say, subtract the boring stuff and add in this fun, free m...