The Adulting Series

Covering topics we all should
have learned in high school, to
make you a more successful adult.

MASTER your Budget and Take Charge of Your Future

Do you find yourself counting coins to buy enough groceries for the week? Do you struggle to pay the monthly bills? Ever encounter sleepless nights because you aren't sure if you'll make it until the next paych...

How to Land Your Dream Job in 7 Simple Steps

Landing Your Dream Job Step 1: Identify your Dream Job Talk to me, Mamas. Are you currently living your dream? Are you working for your dream company or pursuing your dream career? If you're reading this post, I have to assume the answer is "no." Scratch...

An Ultimate Guide to the College Application Process

Whether you're stoked to finish high school, completely terrified of applying to college, or eager to get back in the educational ballgame, applying for college is a lengthy, intimidating process. I've broken...