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My Child's Stepmom

Things I Wish I Could Tell My Child’s Stepmom

As far as divorced moms go, you'd probably consider me a lucky one. My daughter's father, stepmom, stepdad, and I, all get along now and co-parent successfully. While it was not at all a picnic to get to this p...

Lessons Learned When I Embraced my Role as Second Wife

Coming into my role as a second wife to the love of my life was no easy feat. It's as if everywhere I turned there was another reminder of his former life, of the woman he loved before me. It was inescapable, perpetual torture. I wanted to surprise his mom...

Become a Co-parenting Champion!

Are you ready to stop fighting... and start CO-parenting? Whether you're divorced or separated from your child's mother or father, or marrying into a family with children, working together with the other parent...