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“To share the duties of parenting a child”.
In other words, it’s when a family splits in two and
can still mutually and beneficially work together
in raising their child in a more positive way.
My Child's Stepmom

Things I Wish I Could Tell My Child’s Stepmom

As far as divorced moms go, you'd probably consider me a lucky one. My daughter's father, stepmom, stepdad, and I, all get along now and co-parent successfully. While it was not at all a picnic to get to this p...

Free Your Life: Embrace the Co-Parenting Mental Shift!

It was kind of a rocky road for me when I first started dating my now-husband. I was learning how to be a parent, doing my best to break down his emotional walls he built up after his divorce, all while seeing his ex-wife weekly. There was so much change happe...

How to Negotiate Custody and Support the Right Way

When my stepdaughter's mom served us paperwork last year to modify our custody agreement, my husband and I were shocked, angry, and scared. We're both conflict avoidant people, so the idea of going to court to fight for time with our daughter was nauseating, ...