The Co-parenting Challenge


*Parents everywhere often have trouble working together to parent their children after a difficult split. This free email course will help you establish a healthier foundation, push past the pain and start co-parenting successfully.*

Yelling, arguing, manipulating, misunderstanding, using your child as a pawn, threatening to take your child away, allowing visitation only after child support has been paid, brainwashing your children to hate the other parent, criticizing the other parent’s behavior when talking to your child…

There’s a long list of mistakes parents make after divorce.

Why I thought I couldn't coparent... and why I was wrong!

Because as hard as divorce may be, parenting after the split is even harder.

We often find ourselves in worse situations dealing with the other parent after leaving the relationship for the same toxic reasons and behaviors.

But what’s the alternative? What are we supposed to do, as parents, after we split a family, in order to help our children grow into happier, well-rounded, and emotionally mature adults?

That’s where co-parenting comes in.

The stigma around divorce and its potential negative side effects on children are known far and wide. It’s still prevalent in the “don’t get divorced – divorce is evil!” mantras all over your community and online.

But children of divorce don’t have to be doomed to experience behavioral problems, academic difficulties, psychological and relationship issues. There is another way.

Co-parenting is one of the best ways to help your children not only get through the crisis of divorce, but also to thrive and grow after it. When parents work together and focus on what’s best for their kids, children aren’t the only ones who benefit.

When families are able to co-parent successfully, it:

  • Increases a child’s sense of security.
  • Reduces stress on everyone involved.
  • Puts the child at east knowing his or her parents are on the same side.
  • Develops a greater network of adults the child can depend on.
  • Allows parents to model respectful conflict resolution skills.
  • Improves communication between parents, and improves their relationships.
  • Decreases conflict and improves the entire parenting experience.

These are the kind of benefits we want for all families and children after divorce.

And we are here to help you get there.

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Which is why we created the Co-Parenting Challenge.

The Co-Parenting Challenge is a free, 5-day email series designed to help parents who are interested in learning more about co-parenting, and who want to develop stronger, healthier relationships with their child’s other parents.

This course will help you open your heart to something so rewarding, help you set change in motion, and push you to end the behaviors that are keeping you from becoming a co-parenting champion. We’ll help you  let go of the hurt and embrace the partnership that parenting was designed to be, no matter what your family dynamic is.



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Before co-parenting, our relationship was anything but positive.

We couldn’t get along long enough to have a serious conversation let alone parent together. We were constantly misunderstanding each other, disagreed on everything, threatened each other, and used time with our daughter against the other parent.

But once we took the first steps toward a healthier relationship and focused on putting our daughter first, suddenly co-parenting became our norm.

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Now, we’re working together for the sake of our daughter.

If an important event or fun party is coming up that falls on the other parent’s days, we’re able to let the other side know we think our daughter would enjoy it. Most of the time we’re able to come to a compromise that benefits both sides while allowing K to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whenever one of us is especially missing our daughter when she’s at her other house, we never have a problem letting her FaceTime the other parent.

When K has a school program to go to or a dance recital to perform, all four of us show up and sit together.

We openly discuss parenting topics and how to approach certain subjects.

This year, Kristen and I even joined together to throw K the best birthday party ever!

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This is the kind of success we want for you, mama.

Co-parenting success.

So, to help my fellow divorcées, single mamas, or any parent having to push past the pain and work on getting along, this challenge is for you dear friend.

In the Co-Parenting Challenge, I’ll guide you through the steps that will start you on your journey.

In a series of emails over the next 5 days, you’ll learn all about:
  • Our post-divorce experience and problems we were facing.
  • Opening up the lines of communication and other ways to improve relationships.
  • How we parent as co-parenting champions and what it took to get here.
  • Why putting your children first will always be your best course of action.
  • The biggest mistakes you’re making and how to change them.
  • Tips and first steps you can take to lead you down the co-parenting path.
  • Addressing controversial questions – from custody to parenting with a narcissist.

And much more.

Sign up for the challenge and start your co-parenting journey today!



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