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My name’s Amanda, and I’m the founder of Kandy Apple Mama, or “Kandy Land” as I’ve nicknamed the virtual world of everything Kandy Apple Mama-related.

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KAM (short for Kandy Apple Mama) began as a personal project in October 2016 as a creative outlet and place to share crafts I’d done with my oldest daughter and my experiences as a young, divorced/remarried mother. It didn’t take long, however, for me to realize all the potential this little blog held as a full-time job.

Once I realized the kind of platform KAM could become, I dove headfirst into the world of blogging and never looked back! With so much to learn about running a blog full time there seemed to never be enough time to get all I wanted done, to read all the books I planned to read, and take all the courses I hoped to take.

Turning this baby blog into a booming business felt overwhelming! But my passion for the project and determination to succeed meant I would never let myself give up. (I haven’t so far! Ha!)

That’s when I started confiding in my oldest daughter’s stepmom. I shared the challenges I was facing and the hopes I had for the job. Kristen seemed enchanted with the idea! So much so that I wondered if she planned on starting her own blog. James, my fiancé, told me I should ask for her help, but I wouldn’t allow myself to think she’d want to help little ol’ me.

Imagine my surprise when Kristen asked to help me, herself! So in January 2017, I happily welcomed my business partner and friend, Kristen, to the team!

[You can read all about Kristen in her personal bio here.]

So WHY is it called Kandy Apple Mama?

To understand where the name Kandy Apple Mama came from, you’d also have to know about my previous side hustle with Etsy. I started off my blogging journey with a creative business on the side – an Etsy shop named Kandy Apple Kustoms (later changed to Kandy Apple Art). I chose the name after brainstorming words that started with K (to represent my little ones Krista and Kennedy) and words that started with A (to represent my own name).

Later, when creating the blog, I transferred the “Kandy Apple” part and felt that adding “Mama” to the end just felt right – especially when the topics I planned to write about centered around parenting.

Later, when Kristen came on board, we briefly contemplated changing the name to better illustrate what the blog stands for. But ultimately, decided to keep the name – “K” for Kristen, “A” for Amanda and “Mama” for the role that we share as mom and stepmom to K. It’s almost as if this was all meant to be!

From Co-Parenting Champions to Blogging Business Partners

Since we banned together as business partners, Kristen and I have hit the ground running – doing everything we can to help our readers, and grow this business. The demands of #bloggerlife are significant, but they’re also a work of passion for the both of us. It’s hard work, but we LOVE what we do!

As #mombloggers, we’re excited every day to wake up and get to work on running Kandy Apple Mama. Not only because we get to help other women, and promote the things we care so much about (education, creativity, self improvement, and empowering women), but also because we get to be our own bosses!! Something I never even dreamed was possible.

 Hello #mompreneur status!

Kristen and I have set our sights on growing KAM into the thriving business we know it can be. But more importantly, we want the content on Kandy Apple Mama to help women and children be better people, learn all they can, and never stop improving.

As biz partners, we share a passion for education and creativity, a desire to raise a better generation, and a mission to empower women through self-improvement. Which is what Kandy Apple Mama, is all about!

Kandy Apple Mama’s Top 10 Goals are to:

  1. Educate women on life topics that can improve their success.
  2. Make learning fun in order to instill a love of learning in mamas and their children.
  3. Foster creativity in adults and kids!
  4. Support “raising a better generation” through knowledge and compassion.
  5. Empower women through self-improvement.
  6. Encourage mamas to support one another, not compete.
  7. Provide parental guidance and assist with the challenges of co-parenting.
  8. Promote “be the change you wish to see in the world” by reinforcing positive thoughts and behaviors.
  9. Challenge the stereotypes that parents and stepparents can’t be friends.
  10. Prove that it’s possible to build a business while raising babies!


At Kandy Apple Mama, we value education, creativity, and self-improvment. We share everything from parenting advice, to fun ways to learn, to how to be a more successful adult, the challenges of co-parenting, simple creative projects, and ways to organize your life and your time.

We believe that these topics can directly contribute to the development of our children into a better generation. Our families are determined for our children – our legacy – to be kinder, smarter, and more successful.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Whether you’re a Baby Mama, Stepmom, Mommy, Grandma, Godmother, or whoever – you play a very special role in your little one’s life. And we’re here to help you make the most of it. Parenting is a process, mama. No one’s perfect at it; we’re all learning as we go.

“Embrace your journey, it molds you into the person you want to be.”


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“Embrace your journey.”
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”