My name’s Amanda, and I’m the founder of Kandy Apple Mama (also known as KAM). What began as a personal project in October 2016 as a creative outlet and place to share my experience as a young divorced and remarried mother, has quickly grown into something much bigger than myself. It’s become a place to share helpful information for women, mothers, and their children – a platform to support positive improvement of self, relationships, and raising children.

It’s been my mission to grow Kandy Apple Mama to help parents learn to work together and co-parent after divorce, but it’s also become a place that makes educating your children fun, encourages women to stand up for what’s right, and empowers people to be the change they wish to see in the world.




Not long after my ex and I began successfully co-parenting, my oldest daughter’s stepmom and I started developing a close friendship. I confided in her about the challenges I was facing running a parenting blog on top of caring for a newborn, and the hopes I had for Kandy Apple Mama.

Kristen was enchanted with the idea of such a positive platform for parents and shared many of my ideals. We both share a passion for education and creativity, a desire to raise a better generation, and a mission to empower women through self-improvement. Because through improving self, we can improve society, and maybe someday the world! (Ambitious, I know.)

So in January 2017, I eagerly welcomed my business partner and friend, Kristen, to the KAM team! Since banding together, Kristen and I have set our sights on growing KAM to help as many women and children as possible.





Our official mission is to encourage, educate, and empower women to be better mothers and better people.

We’re using our relationship as Mom and Stepmom to “change the face of co-parenting” by living by example.

We’re challenging the stigma of divorce and proving that there can be peace and cooperation between exs, parents, and stepparents.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”



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