It’s almost Easter time, and I’m so excited! He is risen, Spring is here, and it’s wonderful to see the sun again! Easter is a time full of traditions for many: new Easter dresses, church services, Easter egg dying and egg hunts, photos with the Bunny at the mall… Whatever your tradition choice, you probably look back on the Easter holiday of your childhood with a smile.

One of my absolute favorite Easter traditions I’ve actually carried into K’s childhood. The Easter Bunny used to sneak in the night before Easter Sunday and hide our baskets somewhere in the house! I remember one year it took me until 4pm to find my basket… in the washing machine! It was always such a fun game; it didn’t even matter what was in the basket (though it was usually filled to the brim with candy, of course). The hunt was the most fun.

 Another really fond memory I have growing up is dying Easter eggs with the family. We never got fancy with it, but we definitely had a lot of fun. The WorldWideWeb was barely in existence when I was growing up (Remember when we used to call it that? Like, the days of dial-up…). We didn’t have Pinterest or fancy blogs like the moms nowadays.

How lucky for us, now! I’ve compiled 20 of the very best ways to decorate Easter eggs I could find. Different materials are needed for each, but one thing remains the same: they’re not nearly as dull as the eggs we made growing up!

20 Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs

Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs

by Kandy Apple Mama

We absolutely love painting with nail polish, and Easter eggs are no exception! Isn’t this the most stunning marbled look?! It’s actually super simple, and definitely a ton of fun.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

by Dream a Little Bigger

While these galaxy eggs may take a little longer than the traditional dye kit, they are out of this world! Seriously stunning, and the longer prep time just means more quality time with your kiddos!

My little loves Space. She and her Daddy often dream of what life will be like when they own their own spaceship and can planet hop for fun, so these are right up their alley.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

by Mommypotamus

I dare you to tell me that you don’t think these Easter eggs are incredible! They’re so beautiful, but in a subtle way – I LOVE THEM! This decorating idea also provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss healthy nutrition decisions with your children.

Melted Crayons Eggs

by Jenna Burger

These are SO easy and the perfect way to use some of those crayons that have lost their wrappers or broken in half throughout the years. We have an entire quart-sized zipper bag full of crayons just begging to be melted onto some beautiful Easter eggs this year! Jenna used mostly swirls, but there are so many options for these – chevron, polka dots, sky with clouds and rainbow, etc.

Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs

by Crafty Morning

I really love these shaving cream dyed Easter eggs for preschoolers. It’s such a fun sensory project that they can help with! For example, I’m certain my 3 year-old nephew would have SO MUCH FUN decorating with shaving cream and food coloring considering he would definitely not have the patience for the galaxy painted eggs.

Watercolor Flower Easter Eggs

by Grow Creative

Speaking of patience… How amazing are these for all of you artists out there? I bet you could do some incredible work using watercolors on your Easter eggs this year. I envy your talent, for sure!

Speckled Eggs

by Crafty Sisters

Just a couple of different paints, and you have the cutest speckled eggs! Such a classy Easter look. The blue ones are my favorite! They remind me of robins’ eggs. Simply beautiful.

Sharpie Tie-Dye Eggs

by Housing a Forest

Who knew you could make tie-dye Easter eggs?! This is amazing. I’m loving the way these turned out, and I really think your kids are going to have a blast decorating them!

Glittered Easter Eggs

by Miss Kris

Have you seen our glitter champagne flute tutorial? We LOVE glitter! These glittered Easter eggs are too fabulous.  I think I’ll take the extra glitter I have leftover from the champagne flute project and decorate some special sparkly eggs for our house this Spring.

Sharpie Silhouette Easter Eggs

by Cutesy Crafts

Okay, I love these. So adorable, so subtle, so colorful. I’d recommend doing an outline around the sticker or vinyl before you add all of the dots. I’ve seen some #pinterestfails that included these Easter eggs without a defined outline. Definitely do closer dots around the bunnies and only spread out the Sharpie dots when you’ve gotten a little farther away.

White Crayon Pastel Eggs

by Evite

Though the intention of this tutorial was much larger than the decoration, I love the pastel egg with white crayon look! I’m thinking hearts, “S” for our last name, “K” for our first names, bunnies… SO many options! We might just have to try these too.

Chalk Easter Eggs

by Shelterness

Any other chalk fanatics out there? The simplicity of the look is stunning, but it’s also so unique. These can definitely double as decorations around the house and a craft project with your children. Bonus points if you also use it as a learning opportunity for them to practice their letters!

Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

by Oh Happy Day

Wouldn’t these be so adorable written out to say “Easter” on your kitchen table, mantle, or really, anywhere in your home? You could do your initials, write out your last name, or, again, use your Easter eggs as a learning opportunity and quiz your kiddos on their alphabet!

OR, skip the alphabet stickers altogether and grab some cute bunny stickers and watercolor eggs around the bunny.

Monster Eggs

by Artzy Creations

If your children loved our Monster Valentine’s Box, then these Easter eggs will definitely be a hit! These eggs are so adorable, and they’ll be so much fun to decorate with your littles. I know that mine is going to go completely bonkers when she sees these!

Sharpie Drawing Easter Eggs


You know those moments where you think, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!” … Yeah, this is one of those moments for me. Why wouldn’t I have picked up all of those Sharpies I have around the house to decorate the eggs instead of dyeing our fingers, shirts, and patience in one fell swoop? My goodness, this just opened up so many options for my family and me.

This is WAY easier for putting Bible verses on Easter eggs than any other method I’ve ever seen. I’m SO ready!

Photo Print Eggs

by A Subtle Revelry

How fun would these be with all of your prior year’s Easter memories?! Photos of the Egg hunt, of the Easter dress, and of your family photo. Or just totally adorable photos of your family. I’m down with that too.

Tattoo Easter Eggs

by Brit + Co

Again… Why hadn’t I thought of this yet?! It’s genius! So easy. So fun. My little loves temporary tattoos, so she would be all about decorating with them! There’s also a HUGE selection of tattoos these days, so you should be able to find any theme you want!

Glow Easter Eggs

by Growing a Jeweled Rose

These are SO AMAZING. Seriously, mamas. Can you imagine the most epic nighttime Easter egg hunt that these would allow?! No one would ever forget it!

Minion Easter Eggs

by A Pumpkin and a Princess

If your kiddos love Minions as much as my little one does, then these are SURE to be a hit this year! These really seem so simple and have such adorable results.

Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

by The Happy Housie

OH MY GOSH, I’m in love! There’s a chance I saved the best for last unintentionally. These are so so so cute! And I’m kind of a hot mess with a glue gun (pun not intended, lol) and I think even I can do these! I’ve been trying to figure out what to use for my centerpiece for Easter, and I think I just found it! If we use plastic instead of actual eggs, we can even keep these for years to come! YES!

20 Ideas to Dye Easter Eggs with Your Kids - Kids Crafts!

I hope found some fun tutorials to try with your littles this year, mama. I know I found a few… or twenty… that I can’t wait to try! We love simple, beautiful craft projects (especially those that double as home décor!) in my house. Perhaps we’ll even turn the speckled eggs, chalkboard Easter eggs, or yarn-wrapped eggs into a fun Spring wreath or cute mantle décor!

It sounds like I might just end up with a new favorite Easter tradition.

No matter how you celebrate this year, I wish you and yours a very happy Easter!


PS: This year’s Easter basket ended up inside the formal living room’s coffee table/trunk! If you have any good hiding spot suggestions for future years, let me know in the comments!

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