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How to Negotiate Custody and Support the Right Way

When my stepdaughter's mom served us paperwork last year to modify our custody agreement, my husband and I were shocked, angry, and scared. We're both conflict avoidant people, so the idea of going to court to...

7 Ways You May Be Committing Co-Parenting Sabotage

Whether you're married, separated, estranged, divorced, broken up - whatever the relationship - the fact is, parenting is coparenting. Even if you seemingly don't agree on anything, chances are you both agree o...


Filing Taxes | A Guide to Filing Your Tax Return

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin We know that filing your yearly tax return is one thing most Americans dread each year as April deadlines approach...

MASTER your Budget and Take Charge of Your Future

Do you find yourself counting coins to buy enough groceries for the week? Do you struggle to pay the monthly bills? Ever encounter sleepless nights because you aren't sure if you'll make it until the next paych...

How to Land Your Dream Job in 7 Simple Steps

Landing Your Dream Job Step 1: Identify your Dream Job Talk to me, Mamas. Are you currently living your dream? Are you working for your dream company or pursuing your dream career? If you're reading this ...


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